Highly Conductive Photo-sintering InksNURIVISTA provides photo-sintering inks with outstanding electrical properties and exceptionally reliable printability.


Advantages of NURI’s
Photo-sintering Inks
– High conductivity
– Reliable printability
– Substrate compatibility in adhesion
– Extremely short sintering time
– Low temperature process in air
– Low price

Key FeaturesPhoto-sintering within 1 sec in the air
Resistivity * 5µΩcm
Thickness * 25 µm
Resolution * < 60 µm
Adhesion 5B (ASTM D3359)
Printing Method Screen, Gravure
Substrate PI, PET, PEN, Paper, Wafer
Viscosity/Rheology adjustable (on demand)

Highly Conductive Photo-sintering Inks